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In 2019, Tennessee Vaccination Services was founded with a simple goal: To provide busy families an alternative to the current hassle they endured when having to schedule, get themselves and/or children ready, show-up, fill out paperwork, and then wait for an unknown amount of time, all for a simple shot. After considering all the time and hassle that this would save individual families, it occurred to me that other groups of people would benefit from Tennessee Vaccination Services as well. Groups like corporate offices, small businesses, and mission trip organizers.

After a few years of giving vaccinations to my neighbors while working in the neighborhood pharmacy, people started to seek me out as the person to administer vaccinations to their children. Having a toddler of own, I know how tough it can be to get a child out of the house, wait in a line and then sit in a waiting area for an unknown amount of time. Kids can quickly get bored and sometimes upset while waiting for the pharmacist to come out and administer the vaccine. I remember thinking that it was such a waste of effort for such a small thing. Why can’t healthcare come to your home, like so many other services?

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A Letter From the Founder

On August 8th, 2008, I started my first day working in the neighborhood pharmacy next to the neighborhood I grew up in Franklin, TN. It was a unique and fulfilling experience because I had known many pharmacy patients since I was a small child. I was attending Middle Tennessee State University working towards a microbiology degree and decided then that I wanted a career in pharmacy.

After graduating from MTSU, I attended the Belmont University College of Pharmacy and earned my pharmacology doctorate. After graduation, I spent several years working as a retail pharmacist, once again in my local neighborhood pharmacy. Part of my job was to give vaccinations to patients that walked into the pharmacy. I became very skilled at providing vaccinations, especially to the pediatric population. I picked up on delivery methods that mitigate any pain from the needle and techniques that helped calm down the kids and gave them a far less unpleasant experience. Even though it took a few extra minutes to administer the shot, I couldn’t ethically skip those steps after learning how much they would help the patient.

My husband and I are both from Franklin, TN, and moved back after our son’s birth. We both attended Franklin High School, which is actually where we first met. I wanted to move back to Franklin because it was my hometown and because my family has a lot of Franklin history. I wanted our son to be a part of that history as well. He is the sixth generation in my family to grow up in Franklin. When he eventually attends Franklin High School, he will be able to look at his great-grandfather’s graduation photo and many other family members on the walls. Our family has deep roots in Franklin, and it is a community that I have always loved, which is why it only seemed appropriate to start the vaccination business in Franklin. TN.

Tennessee Vaccination Services will eventually provide services across all of Tennessee, but it means a lot to my family that we founded it in our hometown.

Katie Vandenberg, PharmD.

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