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Understanding what is and is not occurring as a result of your prescriptions can be confusing. Let our expert staff work with you to on developing a plan of action through our MTM service (Medication Therapy Management). Through this service you will gain a better understanding of what each medication is, how to best utilize them, and an awareness of the potential side effects to look for.

A thorough review of all current medications will be performed to determine if there are any conflicts or adverse interactions which could be creating discomfort. Often times, this review can lead to reduced costs in medication if there are overlaps.

How do I know if I need MTM?

Medication Therapy Management can be valuable to anyone taking multiple medications. We typically recommend that if you are on a minimum of 5 medications that it should be reviewed annually. The best time to have this completed is prior to your yearly check-up with your primary doctor. This will allow you to discuss your MTM plan with your primary care doctor and share your medication list.

*Due to the current pandemic, MTM services and consultations have been temporarily placed on hold. Services will become available again in the future. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on when we are offering MTM again. Thank you for your understanding!

Reduced Medication Cost

MTM assist in reducing medication cost through the use of proper planning and removal of duplicate purpose medications.

Listening Ear

MTM Reviews allow for you to address any questions or concerns you have with a qualified expert.

Detect Interaction Symptoms

Annual review allow for the detection of potentially adverse medication interactions. Side effects can range from minor to fatal.

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